Color Theory 201

Looking at these photos are a bit bittersweet, as I was going through something emotionally and physically difficult at the time. I wrote a post about it on Instagram that I didn’t intend to share with the world, but with the many hands that came together to make this workshop so wonderful I felt the transparency was fair. Three days before the workshop at my routine 16 week pregnancy check up, they were unable to detect a heartbeat. With this being my second miscarriage in less than seven months, I was uncertain that I was going to be able to get through a workshop in my emotional state.

I was wrong, because thankfully I have some great, talented friends who stepped in to help support in every way they possibly could, and it was such an added bonus for us all to have so many talented designers included. Really was a beautiful display of how great the floral community is, and I’ll never forget that.

This group of students was so talented, so wonderful and gracious. We dove into the best spring blooms to create centerpieces and bouquets, and a beautiful white spring foam-less arch.

Special thanks to Max Gill, Sarah Winward and Jenn Sanchez for supporting, teaching and assisting.

Photography: Jacquelyn Hayward

Assistants: Pamelyn Covey, Amber Reverie Design, Sara Drussel

Venue: The Washington Schoolhouse

Paper Goods: Jenny Sanders

Plates: CM Ceramics

Linens La Tavola

Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

Hair: Steven Robertson

Makeup: Leslie Lind

Dress: The Dress Theory Nashville

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On the garage floor

Just some pretty iPhone shots by my pal Jenn Sanchez, who is the world’s greatest best friend and should probably take up stand up comedy, but she’s kind of too good at her day job to explore other career paths. Maybe someday though.

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Color Theory April 2019

So excited to finally announce Color Theory Spring 2019 tickets are now available. To learn more about what’s included and who will be involved in the workshop, head over to my classes page! Hope to see you there!

Photo by Tess Comrie

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Anguilla BTS

Aaahhhh Anguilla. What an insane experience this was that ended beautifully. This was a unique job where I was hired to execute the design not worry about the logistics of getting flowers onto the island. It can be really difficult figuring out the right channels to get florals through customs. While I did make all of the flower selections, I was not in charge of sourcing the florals themselves, and was a lucky enough to work with a company based on Anguilla that went to that trouble for us.

I wish I could recount all of the things that pushed us into plan B’s, but the most jarring was the 75 boxes of southern smilax that were ordered too early and all rotted and died long before we had a chance to use it. Imagine 75 boxes of southern smilax! I Just kept picturing a jetliner carrying only smilax. For all the trouble of getting that much greenery to an island only to have it not live, was hard to swallow. Thankfully this was not my doing, but was still up to me to figure out a solution.

Anguilla is not a lush island by any stretch so our options for a replacement were slim. We had to cover an entire hanging installation that was 60’ X 4’ with a greenery that was lightweight enough that it wouldn’t need a water source. Not an easy feat. Leave it to me to find the most prickly, thorny, foliage I possibly could as a replacement. Even people on the island watching us wrangle this stuff were watching in awe, no one dares touch this stuff! While we definitely were scratched and bleeding mildly, we made it work. Visually I liked it so much better than the smilax despite how challenging it was to work with.

We also needed the smilax to cover a giant trellis for the ceremony that was once covered in stephanotis vine before the hurricane. Sadly the plants were torn to bits and we needed it lush again. Thankfully we found something that worked well enough to get the coverage we needed, and we made do. Truly a testament to me that everything ALWAYS works out, especially when you have wonderful teams of people helping support.

So many other things I could mention! Having to drive on the other side of the road, rotting smilax juice, one box of flowers getting stuck somewhere and a chartered plane going to get it! That lily of the valley was REALLY expensive after that trip.

Couldn’t have been such a great experience were it not for Stef and her team of incredible people that at every turn were there providing extra hands to help us facilitate plan B’s. Truly, NEELY if you ever read this, you are an absolute angel and one day let’s go back to Anguilla and eat Queso at Picante and laugh/cry about this. (Picante is this little Mexican restaurant on Anguilla and I swear to you it is the BEST Mexican food on the earth.)

I’ve never been so anxious while simultaneously having the best time on a job before. As I sit here I can recount so many funny/tragic scenarios, but really I just want to tell you all about the enchiladas at Picante. I won’t, but if you ever find yourself on Anguilla, take my word for it.

Special thanks to my team of amazing freelancers, emotional supporters, comedians, and the best sports there ever was! Jenn, Pameyln, Kaylee I’m looking at you!

This wedding was featured on Brides and you can read all about it here.

Planning/Design (the best team I’ve ever seen) Stefanie Cove and Co.

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Salt Lake City Wedding
dnggcbv .jpg

A few iPhone shots from a beautiful wedding this weekend for a dear friend of mine. I can truly say that creating flowers for someone you know and love has such a different feeling to it. I wish I had that with all of my clients because there is an ability somehow translate their uniqueness into the flowers themselves.

I’m going to try and be better about updating this blog with more behind the scenes imagery than the final photographer photos. While I always love the beauty of those, there is a rawness to the story your iPhone tells that needs a place to live outside of just Instagram. Can’t wait to share more from this one soon.

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The first thing I'll say about this trip is that I learned it's not cool or acceptable to say "San Fran" in San Fransisco. I was advised of this not 10 minutes after landing by my friend Sammy who was just kindly trying to help me avoid looking like an idiot for three days, thanks again Sammy. 

Myself, Lambert Floral and Jenn Sanchez decided it would be fun to do a one day intensive course covering bouquets, centerpieces and installations with a small group of students. With the workshop taking place at the beginning of July we knew we wanted the color palette to be juicy, and juicy it was. We had a gorgeous assortment of farm grown florals from farms just outside of San Fransisco, garden roses from Rose Story Farm, and other beautiful bits hand selected from the SF Flower Mart. 

Sammy guided the students through building lyrical centerpieces, I taught bouquets, and Jenn lead a beautiful installation class that we installed right in our airbnb. It was casual and approachable in all the best ways, and we couldn't have asked for a better group of attendees. No shortage of carbs or laughs either, the good stuff! 

Thanks to Sandy Lee for the gorgeous photos, Loho Bride for the dress, and Silk and Willow for the silk ribbons. 


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