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This day was magical, and one of my favorite days. It was easy going and laid back, and we just created because we wanted to. The colors and theme of everything came together so beautifully with the help of everyone involved, and largely impart due to Sara from Wedding Sparrow. This inspiration was featured on her blog last week, which was so exciting for all of us! A bit about what I said on the blog is below.

“My husband and I have a deep love and appreciation for travel. We save up yearly for at least one adventure where we can spend time together and explore a new place. We traveled to Paris over a year ago and we both fell in love with it. I’ll never forget that moment when we walked up the steps of the metro. The sun was shining, and the first thing I saw was the iconic rooftops. Our shoulders were sore from the backpacks we had been carrying for the past hour, but it was almost as if we didn’t feel it. Our mind was trying to encapsulate every moment and every image. It’s rare when we visit the same place twice, but when we were traveling to Europe again it would have been slightly heart breaking for me if we didn’t go back to the place that really made us fall in love with Europe in the first place. When I was there the first time all I wanted to do was create there. Bring my two loves of traveling and flowers together. So this time, we did just that! Without the help of Sara of Wedding Sparrow we wouldn’t have been able to do it. She has such a beautiful vision and really captured the mood I was hoping for with the styling. The colors are subdued, bringing in the blues and dusty beige shades that feel so iconically Paris. Old romance, and scenes that capture the beauty that Paris is, no Eiffel Tower necessary.”

Photography: D'Arcy Benincosa

Florals: Tinge Floral

Styling: Sara of Wedding Sparrow and Taylor & Porter

Hair and Makeup: My Beauty Corner

Jewelery: Kristin Hayes

Headpieces: Enchated Altelier

Dress: Samuelle Couture

Stationary: Kathryn Murray