Bouquet One on One

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This was such a lovely one on one bouquet session with Posies Floral out of Arizona. She traveled up to Utah for the class, and it was such a pleasure! We take joy in both flowers and occasionally cursing at the appropriate moment, oops.


I think teaching has become this thing that feels so natural that it's always a joyful experience. I find myself vocalizing things I always done subconciously and realizing how my brain works which has been interesting for me.


I love taking the time to help students see things a little differently and maybe through a different perspective. For me, the biggest things I focus on in these classes are dimension and color. They are the two things I focus on most when I'm arranging. It's been amazing for students like Jamie to see the difference in their work(which was already incredible), and then to see them progress after the class and find their own voice. She is a force to be reckoned with and has all the drive in the world to blow minds with her creativity. I can't wait to see where her business takes her!


Jami, you are a riot. Come back, let's make flowers again!


Thanks to Brenna Williams for being a gorgeous model and amazing assistant!

Photography by Ciara Richardson

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