Film & Flora Workshop at Rose Story Farm

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001866-R1-015-EditI never thought I would be fortuned with an opportunity like this. The opportunity to teach others who are willing to learn from the knowledge I've gained over the last few years of doing flowers. I couldn't have been more lucky with the girls who signed up. Each and every florist added a dynamic to the group that was uplifting and positive.

We decided to do film & flora back in January. It was an idea Mike had been thinking about for some time. We had both expressed a desire to teach, and felt it would be a really smart idea to bring the florists and photographers together in one workshop. That way, we could cover our costs, but still keep the groups small and intimate, so that a sense of one-on-one time would be still be had. It was nerve-wracking putting it out there. I know workshops are definitely #trending right now so I was a little concerned that people would lose sight of how ours is different.

I know there are amazing workshops out there, many of which I would love to attend myself! The difference with film&flora is that it's a workshop really centered on learning. Mike and I were both completely open books for our students. We really wanted to share the same knowledge we have gained with our students. We kept our approach "laid back and un-presumptuous" as one student said, and because of that the students felt comfortable in the environment. With only 8 photographers and 6 florists, the groups were small enough that Mike and I were able to give each student one-on-one attention during lessons and instruction so their specific needs could be met.

We also of course wanted it to be beautiful, so having all of the florists create beautiful things for the photographers to shoot was a no brainer. We paired up florists and photographers so that they could build relationships with each other and hopefully get the opportunity to work together again.

One of the best aspects of doing the workshop was working with Rose Story Farm. I've been ordering roses from them for years now. They are beautiful and delicate, so to even fathom the idea of teaching among all of these gorgeous roses was beyond anything I could have imagined. The photographers and florists were so appreciative that we held it there. It was such an inspiring and beautiful place.

Another amazing thing was Emily Riggs joining us! She created us the most beautiful custom gowns that fir the workshop theme beautifully. Mike, Emily and I have worked together numerous times and it felt so perfect that she was there too. Her dresses are timeless and breathtaking both in photographs and in person. They have such an ethereal and beautiful movement to them, and they pair so beautifully with florals. We can't even begin to thank Emily enough for sharing her enormous talent with us!

We are so grateful to all of the vendors who jumped on board and believed in our first workshop, and we hope to join forces with you again! Until next time!

Photography in this post: Michael Radford with behind the scenes photos by Val Glidden 

Florals: Tinge Floral and student work

Rentals: Found Rentals 

Tabletop: Casa de Perrin

Linens: La Tavola 

Venue: Rose Story Farm

Other Flowers: Mayesh Wholesale 

Models: Hello Gorgeous Models

Cake: Whisk and Whittle 

Paper Goods and Menus: Monvoir Calligraphy

Gowns: Emily Riggs Bridal