Forahhging with Kelly Perry

DIY-Ashley + Kelly-74foraging-1DIY-Ashley + Kelly-61DIY-Ashley + Kelly-65FORAGING-3Everyone should know Kelly Perry. This girl is someone who leaves a mark in the best of ways. I remember when we both started venturing into this flower business we were both asked by our local West Elm's to do a flower class. She called me and we chatted about what we were going to do, and we wished each other luck. I didn't think too much of it at the time, but I did think how flattered I was that she would call me and ask me for advice. I was in all sincerity making it up as I went, and maybe she was too but it felt nice that someone had even a glimpse of confidence in me. She's one of the kindest people I've met, even though we hadn't met face to face yet.

When she came to Salt Lake it was the best of days. When we saw each other it was one of those really great hugs where you just feel like you've seen someone you haven't seen in years! It was the same with conversation. She's wonderful. We clipped Russian olive, talked about how food is most important, so naturally we went and ate food and it was perfect. I think of this day often and how important it is that we are kind to one another. Flower friends are some of the best kind.

Fun fact: I've thought for years that foraging was pronounced much more fancy than it actually is. For (ahh-g) ing. I slipped up and set foraaahhging in front of Kelly and Heather and it's still super hilarious to me.

Photography: Heather Payne Photo

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