Pop Up Shop From Mother's Day

tinge popup shop-3 tinge popup shop-5

tinge popup shop-11

Here in the midst of wedding season when things are so crazy I barely have time to breath, I think back on these lovely Pop Up Shops and how much I enjoyed the interaction with people. They are a fair amount of work too, but I really love hosting these. I look forward to the time I can think about doing another one. :)


With Summer in full swing it's been complete madness. Almost every week I've had more than one wedding with very few weeks off. I'm incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful clients this year. It's been a challenge though and I'm definitely learning my limits. The struggle though is that I truly love the work, I love the thrill and the rush, I love my hands in the flowers, and the ordering process and how meticulous I am with each one catering it to each client. It's hard for me to turn down these incredible brides who love flowers as much as I do. Despite the challenges of doing flowers, and there are zillions, I love it enough to keep pushing through those. I know the second wedding season is over my heart will break a little until Spring comes again. Until then, I'll do my best to enjoy every moment.


Photos by Ciara Richardson