The Beauty of The Craft

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Emily is a delight. She is kind, giving, and she has a great southern accent too. So everything she says is even sweeter. She was going to be in Salt Lake visiting her sister and wanted a one-on-one for bouquets. She was such a pleasure to teach. I was nervous! I hadn't taught much at this point, and I must say that having a good student makes teaching a lot more fun. She was so eager to learn and hear me out on all of my blabber. We had such a great time, and her bouquet turned out incredible.

I love the photos of the behind the scenes, the photos of the creation that goes into the final result. The art of creating, and the process that goes into it has always been so fascinating to me.

I look pretty sloppy in these photos but when I'm creating and working on flowers for weddings, this is usually my state if disarray. I'm usually wearing a comfortable T-shirt, and apron, and comfortable flats. But I don't think I ever get dressed or leave the house without a few pieces of jewelry. Somehow a good piece makes an otherwise really sloppy look feel somewhat put together. I found a Nallik necklace hiding on an Anthro sale rack years ago. It was an orchid petal set under quartz and wrapped in brass. I fell in love with it and wore it day after day, year after year until I finally bought another piece from her beautiful collection.

I have been following her Facebook page since I found the necklace at Anthro, seeing her journey and beautiful pieces pop up in my feed was always a delight. Her pieces are so raw, so natural and simple. She took notice to my frequent likes and comments and wanted to get in touch with me. She sent me this beautiful piece I'm wearing in these photos.

Here I am in my element, wearing exactly what I'd wear on a normal day arranging by myself adorned with a piece of jewelry I'll always hold close to my heart. Thank you Jean!

There are zillions of other necklaces in her collection I'm dying for. You can see and purchase all of the beauty she has created here.

Photography: D'Arcy Benincosa