Japanese Flowers

GW-6GW-3george-washington-2GW-13george-washington1 I had no idea Japanese flowers were so incredible until this spring when I laid my eyes on my very first Japanese ranunculus. They rival peonies with their size, and the beauty of the ruffling petals left my heart fluttering with joy. Ranunculus are already some of my favorite flowers so to see some on such a large and incredible scale was mind blowing. Not to mention the variation of color on the sweet pea, wow that sweet pea. The smell alone is intoxicating, but the size and colors are stunning.

I had no idea that Japanese spirea was a thing either and boy is that a beautiful blooming branch. The movement to spirea is something that has to be experienced. It bounces so beautifully I can't even explain it.

The Japanese sure know how to grow beautiful, beautiful flowers. I can't wait til next Spring when I can play with them again!


Beautiful photos taken by Ciara Richardson in her home.